Our reference sire pages tell part of the story. These are the Sires we are currently using that have influenced our sale offering. Before them came many solid Sires purchased or raised with our cowherd, and yours, in mind. Our cow herd is everything to us. It’s where everything starts and where the fruit of our work, and of our selections, shows up. We ask a lot of our cows. That’s why we will talk about our cows every bit as much as we do the cattle that we sell – they are what stands behind that Bull or Heifer you purchase and what makes them great. We are proud of our Dams of Distinction in our herd, and of those many DOD’s we raised in years past. Our customers demand length, performance, disposition, and ease of birth. We select for eye appeal, carcass traits, performance, cow traits, disposition, calving ease, and are unforgiving when culling our cow herd.

Below are our current Herd Sires, all linked to the American Hereford Association’s website for pedigrees, performance, and epd’s.

CL 1 Domino 5184C

We bid on 5184C at Cooper’s 2016 sale and faced stiff competition from someone online. That “someone” turned out to be our partner on the bull 1/2 hour after the sale: Vernie Doehring of Noack Herefords, TX. This Bull never misses. Always has the eye pigment and super shaped udders plus milk. The sons are easy calving and thick made. Great disposition with the knack to make improvements in every cow he serves.

LBH 2237B Billy Lad 203E

From Lilybrook in Alberta. We are excited about this new Herd Sire. 203E has terrific thickness and correctness. He has a very solid EPD profile. Red eyed with a great hair coat. His first sons and daughters sell in our 2021 production sale.

KB L1 Domino 623D

This Bull has grown up to be a very impressive Sire. His sons throw a lot of calving ease, maternal greatness, and top end carcass traits. Sires style and muscle. Natural superiority in udder and teat scores. Calves are smaller and vigorous at birth.

K 64H Ribstone Lad 157K

157K was an 11-trait, proven industry leader. 157K is known and used throughout the United States and western Canada. This breed-leading Sire was an American Hereford Assn. 11-trait leader. After several calf crops with 157K, and his sons and grandsons, we know with certainty that his daughters have perfect udder conformation and are moderate sized. He sires red eye pigment, great dispositions and superior performance and makeup. His calves’ actual carcass scans are impressive. His birth weight is breed average in horned and polled herds alike. In fact, we thought so highly of 157K that we continued to use him AI and used 5 sons or grandsons of him. (Semen available on 157K.)

LBH 6103 Advance 236F

Took 236F’s picture from his video at Lilybrook in Alberta. He was bound for the Medicine Hat sale when the sale was cancelled spring 2020, so we were fortunate to learn about him in time to purchase him late spring 2020. He’s a handsome bull and are anxious to see his calves in 2021.

HH Advance 4067B ET

When this Bull walked in the ring at Holden’s 2015 sale, Mary, who was watching the sale online at home, said out loud “Now that’s a Bull we should buy!” Little did she know that John WAS bidding on him, but stopped when he saw Mark Cooper bidding. Later we were able to purchase half of 4067B from Coopers. 4067 does it for us each time. Calving ease. Growth. Tremendous uddered females. Red eyed and thick made. 8255U is close to perfect. Very high marbling score and this after a few calf crops! Owned with Cooper Herefords.

HH Advance 4105B ET

First bull in the ring in Holden’s 2015 Sale. Mister Consistent. Every female looks alike. The sons are easy to sell time after time. Light to moderate birthweights. Thick made, super uddered females. Super carcass in both REA and IMF. Owned with Holden, Debter and TNT.

HH Advance 3203A

3203’s calves have the Look and Performance. Some of our top cows are 3203’s. Out of a standout Dam – high volume plus very high milk. His sons are real thick made and big nutted. Owned with Debters.

LCI BD 30Z Silver 319C

We’ve sold to and bought from the Doenz family for three generations now, so when Nelson called to tell us he had a bull he thought we’d like, we listened. 319C’s progeny have really risen to the top here. Females are very good uddered and high volume. Will sire a thick one every time. Top calving ease score of 8.9 and a real solid 5 Star REA. Red eyed and thick as are his progeny.