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There’s So Much More to our Herefords than solid dispositions. Like soundness, longevity, mothering ability, feed efficiency, volume and thickness, Canada-to-Mexico hide superiority, calving ease, etc.  Still, disposition is a huge economic trait.        You can catch ’em, work ’em, calve ’em, feed ’em, sort ’em, and benefit from all of their other positive traits at the same time.  Buy Ridder Herefords ,.. cattle that excel in so many economic ways, including disposition.

Our next sale will be Thursday, Feb. 1st, at our ranch and online at LivestockLink.com. Once our sale catalog and videos are available, these links will become live: Catalog and Video links.

We invite you to contact us for a sale catalog, and call with any questions you may have about our herd, our herd sires, etc. And as always, you are welcome to come visit. Just give us a call or shoot us a text.


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Below are our few of current Herd Sires, all linked to the American Hereford Association’s website for pedigrees, performance, and epd’s.  Click HERE or the “Herd Sires” button below to view all of our outstanding Herd Sires.

LBH 6103 Advance 236F

Took 236F’s picture from his video at Lilybrook in Alberta. He was bound for the Medicine Hat sale when the sale was canceled in spring 2020, so we were fortunate to learn about him in time to purchase him in late spring 2020. He’s a handsome bull and we are anxious to see his calves in 2021.

LBH 2237B Billy Lad 203E

From Lilybrook in Alberta. We are excited about this new Herd Sire. 203E has terrific thickness and correctness. He has a very solid EPD profile. Red eyed with a great hair coat. His first sons and daughters sell in our 2021 production sale.

KB L1 Domino 623D

This Bull has grown up to be a very impressive Sire. His sons throw a lot of calving ease, maternal greatness, and top end carcass traits. Sires style and muscle. Natural superiority in udder and teat scores. Calves are smaller and vigorous at birth.

Learn from the past, navigate the future.

While standing on the shoulders of family and fellow breeders who came before us, we also look forward through the eyes of our children who all remain vitally involved in our ranch while pursuing their individual careers.