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There’s So Much More to our Herefords than solid dispositions. Like soundness, longevity, mothering ability, feed efficiency, volume and thickness, Canada-to-Mexico hide superiority, calving ease, etc.  Still, disposition is a huge economic trait.        You can catch ’em, work ’em, calve ’em, feed ’em, sort ’em, and benefit from all of their other positive traits at the same time.  Buy Ridder Herefords ,.. cattle that excel in so many economic ways, including disposition.

Our next sale will be Thursday, Feb. 1st, at our ranch and online at LivestockLink.com. Our sale catalog and videos are available at these links: Catalog and Video links. Supplement sheet & Sale Order are here.

We invite you to contact us for a sale catalog, and call with any questions you may have about our herd, our herd sires, etc. And as always, you are welcome to come visit. Just give us a call or shoot us a text.


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Alot has changed since 1907 when Ridders settled northwest of Callaway…

But alot remains the same. We stand on the shoulders of family and fellow breeders who came before us, we look forward to advancements in cattle breeding, and we work every day to provide our customers with solid, well rounded genetics and the cattle that will make them money, and make them proud.


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