Carload Bull Show

We have taken a carload of Bulls out to the National Western Stock Show for decades, beginning with  John’s grandad Theodore Ridder in the 1940’s, then his Dad Paul for the next few decades, and then John’s carloads since the 1970’s.

The carload show was, and remains, a unique show in the world of livestock. In recent years we’ve shown 10 head of spring yearling bulls to lookers and buyers from across the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America and beyond. Originally the yearling show consisted of 15 head.

This was a great way to showcase our herd’s improvement, to market our new bloodlines to customers and potential customers, and to see what is happening in the Hereford breed up close.

The marketing aspect has changed drastically in the past 25 years. Where once you took your cattle out to sell, then show folks started pre-selling them or post-selling them (bringing out sold cattle to show for the new owners or bringing out sale cattle and holding them for their upcoming sale). Thus buyers had little hope of being able to bid and buy at the Stock Show. Fewer and fewer buyers would show up in Denver with checkbooks in hand.

We adjusted by bringing our cattle home to sell, adding yearling bulls to our traditional 2-year-old sale group.